About Me

Hey everyone! I'm Lisa Sanchez and welcome to Stitch The Stars!
I started my art business around May of 2020. Embroidery has kept me sane for the past few months and it's become apart of who I am. I named my art business Stitch The Stars because, obviously, I stitch. But I stitch the stars because the universe is the limit. The universe is huge. There's many possibilities when it comes to making art. I also just really love stars. I enjoy making customized embroidery because I feel like when I'm making an art piece, I'm making something that means something to someone. I recently started making jewelry as of October 2020. I love doing what I do and sharing it with you all.

A little bit more about me:
I'm 22 and I'm based in the Chicago suburbs. I'm currently working in retail and going to school for Psychology. I hope to one day become a mental health therapist. If you haven't noticed yet, I'm also really into Astrology and it has helped me a lot the past couple months.
During my free time, I like to watch movies, anime and I love trying new places to eat. I consider myself a foodie.

That's about it and if you made it to this page, thank you so much for your support! Whether you purchase, share my art, or just simply like it! 

You can also support me by just tipping me! I have a tipping listing. Search "tip the artist" and it will come up. You can also buy me a coffee here: buymeacoffee.com/lisastitches

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